I Was Once A French Doctor Executed On Allegations Of Heresy And Treason

A Look At My Experience With Past Life Regression

Back In May, I got a request from my friend, spiritual adviser and healer Rev. Joanne Angel Barry Colon, a personal trainer and certified spiritual healer who I do nightly meditations with. She wanted me to join her on her weekly show Joanne’s Healing Within‘, for a special appearance.

I’ve been on her show several times before, but this time was different. She asked if I would be OK if another guest, life coach Sherri Simpson, could hypnotize me so I can go into a past life and clear some problematic energy that I’m still holding onto from that previous experience, a process called Past Life Regression.

Simpson and I have been guests on the show together before, where she looked up my Akashic records – a thorough record of all the events, emotions and experience in this life, any past lives and any future lives. In the appearance where I was hypnotized, which was filmed in June, I was allowed to explore one of those records through hypnotization.

I admit I was skeptical and a little scared of the experience going in. I figured at worst, I would just do my best acting job if it turned out to be completely fake Here’s the thing…IT WASN’T

When I first went under, it was absolutely terrifying. I couldn’t move my head and my eyes were closed. It reminded me a bit of sleep paralysis. I wiggled my toes to make sure I could move something. Sherri made sure to talk constantly so I wasn’t alone and she walked me through the entire process – up a stairwell, through a door and into a very fascinating experience that explains why I never wanted to be a doctor, even though medicine, and TV shows like St. Elsewhere, ER, Grey’s Anatomy and New Amsterdam, still fascinate me.

Anyway, take a look, let me know what you think. The second video was a second appearance on August 2nd, where we did a postmortem on the experience.

The June 14th episode where I visited a past life while hypnotized.
The August 2nd follow up episode where I go into better detail on the Past Life Regression experience.

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