No, You Can’t Have Time To Grieve

I’m Sorry Your Feelings Are Hurt, Be Have A Country In Crisis That Needs Tending To

“Facts Don’t Care About Your Feelings” is a quote made famous by conservative wunderkid Ben Shapiro years ago when he insisted on referring to transgender individuals by the gender they were assigned at birth, not what they identify with. Science, he said, backed him up. (Funny when science is important when it excuses bigotry, but not when it governs a pandemic)

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This past weekend, thousands (at least we think thousands) of Trump supporters swarmed onto the streets of Washington, D.C. to protest the results of the election. They are being egged on by outgoing President Donald Trump, supported by most of Shapiro’s fan club, who refuses to concede the election and remains resolute that he is the legitimate winner and the election was rigged.

On Tuesday, Two Republicans on the Wayne County, Michigan Board of Elections refused to certify the county’s election results, a formality, on grounds that some of the vote totals taken by different groups were off by a few – a common issue that is rectified later at the state level. They relented, but only after Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis gave away the plot on Twitter, saying that preventing Wayne County from certifying means Michigan’s Republican legislature would have to appoint Trump electors, even though Biden won the state by more than 150,000 votes.

Monica Palmer, one of the Republicans on the Wayne County board said she would be willing to certify the entire county except for the City of Detroit, which Biden won with over 90 percent of the vote, despite the fact that discrepancies she blamed were more numerous is the white Republican-leaning suburb of Livonia than in Detroit.

In Georgia, the state’s Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger even got a call from Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, inquiring about whether or not he could invalidate thousands of votes. Biden leads Trump in Georgia by over 12,000 votes and if that holds, which is almost certainly will, he will be the first Democrat since Bill Clinton in 1992 to carry Georgia.

And later this week, former America’s Mayor and now certified nut Rudy Giuliani held a bizarre press conference with some woman named Sydney who looks like something out of central casting for “Insane Southern Republican lady.” They alleged, with no evidence, that a conspiracy involving George Soros and Hugo Chavez, who has been dead since 2013, to change Trump voters to Biden votes is why the president “lost” the election.

They refused to accept that Trump has lost, and believe, without any evidence, that widespread voter fraud has been committed, and Trump has encouraged it, repeating over and over again that he believes he won the election and that fraud is the reason Biden has won the popular vote and the Electoral College.

It would be just a nuisance if this was a game, but it is not a game. Since Trump refuses to concede and allow an orderly transition, President-Elect Biden is unable to prepare his team to get to work on January 20th and will have to spent days and weeks playing catchup during a catastrophic economic and public health crisis that is killing 1,500 to 2,000 Americans a day.

All this for Donald Trump’s hurt fee-fees and the delusions of the millions of syncopates who turned him into a golden calf. One supporter even called into Rush Limbaugh’s show, in tears, saying he would be willing to “die” for Trump.

How pathetic can you people be?

Let me remind you all that the morning after the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton concede defeat. Even as some supporters demand she fight fo recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, all of which were closer than than they are now, she conceded defeat. Outgoing President Barack Obama graciously welcomed Trump, who had built a entire brand around himself parroting a racist lie about the sitting president, to the White House after THE MEDIA called the election for him, and before states certified their results. Donald Trump was given the right to have an orderly transition to his presidency. Democrats and the left complained, some questioned the results, but none stood in the way of Trump taking office. They organized, marched, recruited candidates and ultimately built a coalition that defeated Trump this year.

I don’t ever want to hear about how liberals are snowflakes ever again.

We do not have time to soothe the hurt feelings of a President who spent the last five years mocking and degrading his opponents and encouraging his supporters to do the same.

So my message to Trump supporters is this.

Get over it. You lost. Nothing is owed to you, nothing is guaranteed to you. You lost. Take your loss and figure out your next steps. Losing sucks, I know, but stop being what you’d call “snowflakes” about it. Dry your right wing tears and get to work. Buck up buttercup.

And on that: I don’t ever want to hear about how liberals are snowflakes ever again. What is going on right now, from the White House to the Halls of Congress to the Republican offices at local boards of elections to the protestors who came to Washington, is textbook “snowflake” behavior. It fits though. With the right, everything is projection. Everything they accuse their opponents of being, they truly are and by projecting it, they hope you won’t notice.

Now it can’t be unnoticed.


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