How Labeling COVID19 A ‘New York Disease’ Doomed America

The Pandemic Is Made Worse By Americans’ Dismissive Attitude Toward Major Cities Like New York California and Florida will likely pass New York in terms of number of infections next week, and now would be a good time to talk about how part of the national fuckup was dismissing #COVID as a “New York disease”Continue reading “How Labeling COVID19 A ‘New York Disease’ Doomed America”

I Took A Ferry to New Jersey

Notes After My First Leisurely Day Trip During The COVID19 Pandemic When the COVID-19 Pandemic began raging in New York City, I hunkered down. For 53 days (March 22-May 14), I did not venture more than 100 feet from home and mostly stayed inside. It was mentally and emotionally draining, but I found ways toContinue reading “I Took A Ferry to New Jersey”

What My Intuition Is Telling Me About The COVID-19 Pandemic And 2021

It’ll End Sooner Than We Think, But With Dire Sociopolitical Consequences. It’s January 20, 2021 and Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. has just taken office as the 46th President of the United States after winning over 400 electoral votes. In his Inauguration Speech, he speaks eloquently, if not with the occasional gaffe, of a new rebornContinue reading “What My Intuition Is Telling Me About The COVID-19 Pandemic And 2021”

From Lockdown, A Letter To My 11-Year Old Self About Witnessing History

I’ve always wanted to be a part of history, and fate intervened to give me what I wanted, good and hard. When I was a child, I would watch and read the news and see all the historical events happening around the world and wish I was there. In fact, I got my start asContinue reading “From Lockdown, A Letter To My 11-Year Old Self About Witnessing History”

With COVID-19: California May Have Only Delayed The Inevitable.

Journalist Joe Nocera has a problem. In his Bloomberg editorial this weekend (WARNING: paywalled), he wants to know why California, which is seeing a surge in COVID-19 cases, isn’t getting the type of criticism that Florida, Texas and Arizona are getting. In the Golden State, cases are surging, positive test ratings are surging and hospitalsContinue reading “With COVID-19: California May Have Only Delayed The Inevitable.”

The COVID19 Pandemic Wouldn’t Have Gone Much Better Under Hillary

She would’ve responded competently, but Federalism and partisanship in an election year would have doomed us all Imagine it is late January, 2020; just a week or so before the Iowa Caucuses, and the GOP campaign to nominate a challenger to an unpopular incumbent President Hillary Clinton is well underway. Candidates are getting big crowdsContinue reading “The COVID19 Pandemic Wouldn’t Have Gone Much Better Under Hillary”

Embrace The Face Mask As A Cultural Symbol Of 2020

It has become nemesis of Karens across America during this pandemic – the face mask: a piece of cloth covering your nose and mouth that at the very least can cut down the number of respiratory droplets you expel, and in turn dramatically cut down the chance of transmission of viruses like COVID-19. Seems likeContinue reading “Embrace The Face Mask As A Cultural Symbol Of 2020”

The COVID Testing Debacle Shows America Isn’t Great Again, It’s Flailing

Last week, my uncle went to the hospital. He tested positive for COVID-19 after having had the virus in March and recovering. He had no symptoms and we assumed it was just a false positive or one of those “we picked up the remnants of virus” situations that we’ve been hearing about. It was. HeContinue reading “The COVID Testing Debacle Shows America Isn’t Great Again, It’s Flailing”

Facing Your Phobias in Quarantine:

I have a paralyzing fear of isolation and loneliness, this was my worst nightmare. Back in March, on day two of our lockdown in New York City, and after several days of anxiety attacks and feelings of panicking, I wrote about how the impending lengthy (at the time, open-ended) quarantine and social isolation was forcingContinue reading “Facing Your Phobias in Quarantine:”

Musings On A Muted July 4th

It’s fitting I think that we are unable to celebrate Independence Day this year in ways we would usually, and that doing so would put our lives and the lives of everyone else at risk. The universe is telling us something. There is nothing to celebrate this year. No matter how many of America’s KarensContinue reading “Musings On A Muted July 4th”