Election Update: September 8, 2020

Pennsylvania, Florida Are Tight; Biden Shows Some Life in Ohio The only change this week is I’m moving Pennsylvania to Tossup. It’s probably more lean Biden, but several polls have shown it close and shown Biden under 50 percent. While I think that’s a pretty OK place for Biden to be right now, Trump isContinue reading “Election Update: September 8, 2020”

To Donald Trump, My Grandfathers Narrowly Avoided Being ‘Suckers’

Francis “Frank” Rafter was blown off an ammunition ship – probably hit by a German torpedo and then covered up by the U.S. government – off the coast of New Jersey, in January 1944. He suffered burns to most of his body that left him with lifelong emotional and physical scars that contributed to hisContinue reading “To Donald Trump, My Grandfathers Narrowly Avoided Being ‘Suckers’”

Election Update: August 31, 2020

Is The Race Tightening, Is It Not? Analysis The Pundit Paranoia Eight Weeks Out If you’ve been politically active in the past week, you’ve probably heard a lot of “Trump’s reelection chances rising!” takes. With the RNC ending and chaos and violence breaking out in some cities – most notable Kenosha, in a swing countyContinue reading “Election Update: August 31, 2020”

Why Democrats Might Get Blamed For Problems Trump Caused

Preconceived Notions Are Hard To Break, And The One Here Is Democrats = Crime The United States is on the brink of civil war. I don’t think we can look at what happened in Kenosha, Wisconsin in the wake of the Jacob Blake shooting, and in Portland, Oregon this weekend and conclude anything else. TwoContinue reading “Why Democrats Might Get Blamed For Problems Trump Caused”

Progressives Are At A Natural Electoral Disadvantage

It’s Not Easy To Convince Voters You Love A Country That You Want To Fundamentally Change Something struck me this week about the Republican National Convention. On the surface, it looks like a big old mess. They put forward figures like as prime time speakers like the McCloskeys, the St. Louis couple who pointed gunsContinue reading “Progressives Are At A Natural Electoral Disadvantage”

This Is Exactly The America Trump Voters Wanted

The Chaos And Misery Are The Price They’re Making Us Pay For Wanting A Better Nation When I was in the Fifth Grade at a private Catholic school in Queens, we enrolled the school’s only black student – Donell. His mother had enrolled him because she hoped he would have better opportunity at a goodContinue reading “This Is Exactly The America Trump Voters Wanted”

It’s Fine To Unfriend People Based On Who They Vote For

40,000 Americans Unnecessarily Died This Summer, I Don’t Care That Sally Baked You A Cake Once Former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang swung into Twitter earlier this week to make a comment no one asked for. In the wake of someone (rationally) stating only Democrats would even considering enacting the agenda Yang ran on, aContinue reading “It’s Fine To Unfriend People Based On Who They Vote For”

Election Update: August 3, 2020

90 Days To Go; Race Shows Stability. Is Ohio In Play? Not much change in the presidential race in the past week. Some polls seems to indicate a slight tightening of the race on the national level, but Biden still has an average lead of high single digits. No states moved this week. The tossupsContinue reading “Election Update: August 3, 2020”

If You Can, Vote In Person In November. It’s Important

Don’t Give Donald Trump Any Reason Play Games With The Election Results; He Will The global COVID-19 pandemic has upended our everyday lives, kept us staying at or close to home and avoiding public places as much as we can. It also hit right smack in the middle of the biggest campaign season; primary electionsContinue reading “If You Can, Vote In Person In November. It’s Important”

How New York City’s Left Found Their Footing And Started Winning

What Started As Disorganized Movement Of White Transplants Is Now A Growing Socialist Machine Few people have been a bigger critic of the “left” than me. For over a decade, I dismissed the leftist movement, specifically in New York City, as a ragtag band of unfocused dreamers who throw around words like “socialism” and “revolution,”Continue reading “How New York City’s Left Found Their Footing And Started Winning”