Isolation: One Big Thing We CAN Do To Stop COVID19, But Aren’t

New York Has Natural Ways To Quarantine The Sick, We’ve Used Them Before, Why Aren’t We Using Them Now? New York City has been down to under 500 new cases a day since the middle of June, and though that success seems shaky the last week or so as cases rise elsewhere in the country,Continue reading “Isolation: One Big Thing We CAN Do To Stop COVID19, But Aren’t”

Facing Your Phobias in Quarantine:

I have a paralyzing fear of isolation and loneliness, this was my worst nightmare. Back in March, on day two of our lockdown in New York City, and after several days of anxiety attacks and feelings of panicking, I wrote about how the impending lengthy (at the time, open-ended) quarantine and social isolation was forcingContinue reading “Facing Your Phobias in Quarantine:”