Election Update: September 15, 2020

Arizona, Wisconsin Lean To Biden, Democrats Looks Good In Florida

We’re less than 50 days from the election and not much appears to have changed. Polls still show former Vice President Joe Biden with a lead in the high single digits.

I waited until tonight to do the weekly report because I wanted to wait for Monmouth’s Florida poll and also because I’ve been suffering from a nasty headache since Monday morning.

Polls this week give Biden a comfortable lead in Arizona and Wisconsin – the latter is exceptionally damaging to Trump because it was an Obama-Trump state that has been center to his reelection strategy. Both states lean Biden on my map.

The tossups remain: Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio, Iowa and Maine’s 2nd District. Gun to head: Biden wins Florida, North Carolina and Maine’s 2nd; Trump Georgia, Ohio and Iowa. It doesn’t matter though, even if Trump wins all six, he’d still lose by 21 electoral votes and that Monmouth poll I spoke of? Biden +4 in Florida and he’s at 50 percent.


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